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While speaking is a natural process, reading is not.  Brain scans and other research from the science of reading have now made this clear.  We need to be systematically and explicitly taught how to read. 

A Speech-to-Print approach starts with the sounds in the everyday words we speak. We Identify the sounds in those words, and then we teach the letters that that match those sounds.  This flips the traditional "phonics-script” by listening first for sounds, and then teaching the letters, always within the context of words.

Students end up making progress faster and more effectively!

To learn more about a Speech-to-Print approach to reading instruction, please reach out to Your LIteracy Partner to schedule a free consultation and assessment!😊

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Who:  My name is Mary Sutphin.  I have been working as an educator for over 30 years, and as a Montessori elementary teacher and assistant teacher for the last 15 years.  In addition to Montessori training, I have graduate degrees in adult education and in history.  

What:  I use a Speech-to-Print, Structured Linguistic Literacy approach to teach reading.  This systematic and explicit phonics approach guides students to map the speech sounds we already know onto the letters we use to read and write.  

Specifically, I am using the EBLI (Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction) approach to Speech-to-Print instruction.  EBLI addresses all aspects of literacy:  reading (decoding and comprehension), spelling, and writing.  

In addition,  I am certified in the Speech-to-Print method known as Reading Simplified, and I have completed courses in Structured Literacy with the AIM Institute Pathways to Proficient Reading, and with Geiger & Spence’s Teaching Every Reader.  

Why:  I am passionate about helping children and adults learn how to read well.  Through my many years of working with both children and adults, I have worked with students who struggle with reading.  I want to use the skills I have gained to help all achieve full and masterful literacy.

Where:  I am available to meet at your local library or in your home.  If meeting at your home, there will be a $5.00 surcharge.  

How:  The cost for one hour of tutoring is $60.00.  One half-hour is $35.00.  I would love to speak with you about you or your child’s literacy needs.  Please contact me at to begin the conversation!